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I do not care for society or the ways of the land.
In this world you will never understand.
This will all go down under water and flame,
But do not fret, cry, or complain.
You will see this golden opportunity,
To come together, and rejoice in unity.
May as well go along with this chess board of a dance.
Living hard for loves first glance.
I do not speak of crazed behavior,
But only of unity behind one Savior.

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You are not helping me.
I know my own self,
Better then you do at least.
You do not understand.
You do not get it.

I push myself.
Every day.
I try.
Every day.

So many worse situations go on around me,
And I can’t handle this?

It is the constant compression in my head.
Do you not understand?
It is my body breaking down.
It is that I can not walk across the room with out almost falling.
That I can’t read a book.
I can’t work out.
I can’t drive.
I can’t sleep.
I can’t.
I really just can’t.

I can’t.

I know I am suppose to focus on everything I can do and not on what I can’t do.

And I do.
I try at least.
The simple things.
I bake, paint, garden, write, hang out with friends family…
But even that is hard.
I just end up exhausted.
Not enjoying things.

I just can’t… live.

I know a challenge wouldn’t be a challenge unless it was difficult.

I know that after the darkest days come the brightest mornings.

I know all this stuff. 

I just can’t get over all this pain.

All the time that all of this takes.

But I will.
Because I have to.

Some how.

God will it,

I will get through it.

All of this.

We all will.

Even if we can not,
We will.

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A Whole New Correct.

Tell me who is stopping you-
From doing the things you wish?
Is your mind just Corrupt?
Or is it just the world around you?
To whom has the right to set the world on its’ spin?
To which does the matter or morals come into fight?
Everybody has them.
Or do they?
No one knows a person like themselves,
But how you carry out about yourself-
Leads the people around to create a you out of their own knowledge.
Who even knows what is correct?
We are so far in time-
That it is to late to turn back.
There is no land to start over.
There is too much unusable water,
But the world will never completely flood.
The world turns for us?
We have sucked everything in like a black hole.
We are the greatest creations… are we not?
Who sets our expectations?
Where do we even start?
How… tell me how is this not overwhelming?
We have come this far, so we can continue on.
Actually, we just have to.
"We" "You" "I"
Whoever the hell you are.
You just work with what you got.
Mush through, and wing what you do not know.
A bigger plan is out there.
We are just one puzzle piece.

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